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The Letter You've Been Waiting For Dear You, I know you don't want much. You just want a few answers, & you're hoping that you'll find them, sooner or later. We all want answers, but do you know what we need? We need questions that we must ask ourselves. Ask yourself - do you know where you belong? Do you know what you are living for? Do you know what excites your spirit like nothing else? And most importantly - have you listened to yourself lately? I know you've been lost more often than you've been found. I know that you wish everyone stopped

Facts of overthinking: – Don’t always believe everything you think – It destroys your mood – You create problems that are actually not there – How much ever you try, you cannot control everything – You ruin your today by thinking about yesterday – It may keep you busy but, will take you no where – Your inability to get out of your head will leave you in constant state of agony – It makes you dwell over the problem rather than the solution – You can’t sleep when your mind won’t shut off

" Mirror Mirrow on the wall!, Who's the Most beautiful of them all?" "It's you dear!" ,he whispered in my ear. It was that day and Today. The mirror on the wall is speechless. It's voice no more exists. It's voice has different opinions. Changed priorities, Novel expectations. And me, ofcourse I'm the same. Just my body doesn't feel so. And the mirror watches it all. It watches my sudden hunger pangs. It watches me eat relentlessly. It watches me get weak on my knees for food. It watches me lose count on my candies. It watches me get embarrassed. It watches me being lonely. My cheese binges too, dont go unnoticed. It

I am someone who can make you feel sad without anything being wrong. I don't care if you live or die, for I constantly try to make you cry I make you lose your appetite and reduce your weight even when not on a diet. Or make you eat tons and tons, it's my wish Oh, what fun! You may get easily tired but I keep you wired! Extra sleep or Oops! No sleep at all! I make sure you manage to smile but only for a while because you know you're gonna come to your bed only to whine. I'll kill your soul but

Hello World, The New World! I've been here since it was old school. I've made friends then. I make friends now. Nothing seems to have changed for me. Haven't you seen me? Don't you know me? I love tapping my toes, when others talk. I stare outside the window when things are tense. I love twirling my hair, when I have to focus. I love clicking pens! My gum pops every now and then! My brain flows fumes through it! Well it's always on an overload. I hate standing in a que coz waiting for my turn is not what I do. Oh yeah, I know you are talking to me, You might