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The Letter

The Letter You’ve Been Waiting For

Dear You,
I know you don’t want much. You just want a few answers, & you’re hoping that you’ll find them, sooner or later. We all want answers, but do you know what we need? We need questions that we must ask ourselves.

Ask yourself – do you know where you belong? Do you know what you are living for? Do you know what excites your spirit like nothing else? And most importantly – have you listened to yourself lately?

I know you’ve been lost more often than you’ve been found. I know that you wish everyone stopped looking for you in all the wrong places. I know you like to hide in all the odd places that no one can think of, curiously wondering who will be smart enough to find you. And when no one does, I know you cry. But you never give up. You love & hate, fall & rise, only to get lost a dozen times, because you believe.

I know you struggle. You struggle to keep things the way they are, you struggle to make people happy. You love oh so easily, but you struggle to be loved in return. I wish you loved yourself with that intensity sometimes. I wish you knew that you matter.

I know you feel hollow sometimes because you leave traces of yourself in everything that was once yours. I’m sorry that the problems of the world have found their resting place upon your shoulders. I cannot help you shed them, but I can tell you this.
The grace with which you walk despite the weight of the universe upon you is nothing short of magic. If only you stopped looking for a pair of wings to save you out in the world, you would know that you have already grown them.

A certain someone.

– Ashka Naik

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