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Mirror Mirror on the wall!

” Mirror Mirror on the wall!, Who’s the Most beautiful of them all?”
“It’s you dear!” ,he whispered in my ear.
It was that day and Today.
The mirror on the wall is speechless.
It’s voice no more exists.
It’s voice has different opinions.
Changed priorities, Novel expectations.
And me, ofcourse I’m the same.
Just my body doesn’t feel so.
And the mirror watches it all.
It watches my sudden hunger pangs.
It watches me eat relentlessly.
It watches me get weak on my knees for food.
It watches me lose count on my candies.
It watches me get embarrassed.
It watches me being lonely.
My cheese binges too, dont go unnoticed.
It knows , the answer to all my emotional breakdowns lies in the kitchen.
My cravings add to its knowledge, especially the midnight ones.
I keep grazing for hours and hours, it watches it all.
My room is full of empty cookie cans and ice cream tubs, it wonders why are they so!
But what have I got to do with it, the supply for 2 has now to be consumed by 1.
So Mirror Mirror On The Wall,
As your voice has gone,
The food that lies here,
I’m Responsible for it all.

– Sonam Chandnani

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