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Hello World, The New World!

Hello World,
The New World!

I’ve been here since it was old school.
I’ve made friends then.
I make friends now.
Nothing seems to have changed for me.
Haven’t you seen me?
Don’t you know me?
I love tapping my toes, when others talk.
I stare outside the window when things are tense.
I love twirling my hair, when I have to focus.
I love clicking pens!
My gum pops every now and then!
My brain flows fumes through it! Well it’s always on an overload.
I hate standing in a que coz waiting for my turn is not what I do.
Oh yeah, I know you are talking to me, You might think I’m listening. Well I’m not, I just cannot.
I love to change the tasks at hand.
Something that takes too long I’ll definitely make it wrong.
Mistakes, I make plenty of them but my personal favorite are the careless ones.
I make u lose your things coz who cares.
My mind goes thoughtless, being a disorganized piece of mess.
I’m invisibly disabled. My frustration has no calm, as I’m the reason behind the chaos.
I love to interrupt when people talk because in my mind I’m thinking loud.
My mind is always on standby, has to be awakened. I do it. I constantly figet to awaken my sleeping mind.
Im always superactive, if you expect me to sit in one place, LOL I just can’t because I sit on a spring and jump around.
I’ve found a ninja technique of escaping this mess. I’ve learnt hiding behind faces. And yeah! That’s how I continue my play!
And it’s them who are labelled not me. So next time when you see a rude, misbehaving child fighting to get to life, you never know it Can be me.

– Sonam Chandnani

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