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Psychometric Testing / Evaluation (Psychological Testing)

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Psychometric Testing / Evaluation
(Psychological Testing)

At Enablers, we provide the comprehensive range of Psychoeducational and Neuropsychological testing and individuals to the people of all ages which help them in determining their strengths and challenges they might be facing. A result of these testing will help in establishing how best the individuals learn by comparing auditory and visual processing skills and by assessing the concentration, mental focus, processing speed, visual-motor integration skills, and overall neuropsychological functioning. As a Psychological Testing Service Provider in Mumbai, we help the people in determining if or not a learning disorder or any other processes impairing the academic functioning.
The purpose of our Psychological Testing Service Provider in Mumbai is to create the definitive diagnosis of psychiatric conditions and prescriptive protocols to help the clients in identifying the strengths and weaknesses. Many factors can influence your concentration, attention, academic performance and social life. Our firm is a Psychological Testing Service Provider in Mumbai which can help you in determining the factors which are most relevant to understanding your current concerns.

A psychological evaluation mostly focuses on the diagnosis of a specific neurodevelopment or mental disorder including a detailed investigation of child’s developmental, medical, social and psychological functioning along with the series of standardized parent, teacher or self-report measures. Our Psychological Testing Service Provider in Mumbai conduct the psychological evaluations for various programs which include therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness therapy programs and substance abuse treatment centres. Moreover, we also conduct the individualized evaluation for children and adolescents. Through our Psychological Test Services, we provide the general advice on the wide range of psychometric assessments for utilization in education, clinical psychology, and human resources.